Blaise Allysen Kearsley is a writer and a storyteller, as well as the creator, producer, and host of The How I Learned Series. She has told stories for The Moth, RISK!, The Rejection Show, The Soundtrack Series, The Liar Show, Real Characters, Mortified, Literary Death Match, and many other storytelling/comedy shows, and also a lot of reading series during the early-mid 2000s in bars that no longer exist. Between her writing and photography she has been published in Midnight Breakfast, The Weeklings, The Nervous Breakdown, VICE, New York Magazine, The Morning News, Gawker, Gothamist, Playbill, two anthologies, and several other places that are perhaps not worth mentioning by name. One time, she was awarded a month-long writing residency in Vermont where she got electrocuted and maybe almost killed a horse.

She teaches private workshops on memoir and personal essay writing in New York City.

Also, continuing her lifelong tradition of caving to peer pressure, she sometimes does Twitter:
@blaiseallysen / @HILSeries